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Salt Alumni Concerned about Maine College of Art Merger

PORTLAND, Maine — The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies is in talks with the Maine College of Art on a merger plan that could allow the Portland-based school to remain open.
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Free Summer Food Programs Looking to Increase Participation

PORTLAND, Maine — Summer is a time for kids to get a break from school and have some fun. But it's also a time when hunger can become a problem, as kids don't have access to school breakfast and lunch programs.
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Maine Calling Book Club

A discussion about Ernie's Ark by Monica Wood, Thursday at noon.

There was a time on Maine's midcoast when a common greeting on the street was the phrase, "Do you think they'll have it?" And the responses were equally odd.

"I heard one once, that was the men's got the tents up and women's got the pies all made," Luthera Dawson told Keith Shortall in an interview from the MPBN archives.

Some of the localisms and dialects that were once part of our state are still heard on the street, but others are disappearing.

President Obama was giving the final speech of his Africa tour, offering a critique of the young democracies on that continent, singling out the all-too-typical practice of leaders overstaying their terms in office.

"When a leader tries to change the rules in the middle of the game just to stay in office, it risks instability and strife," Obama said, aware that the president of Burundi, seated nearby, had recently defied that country's two-term limit.

ALFRED, Maine — The York County sheriff is suing the county's commissioners, saying they illegally slashed his salary by more than $15,000.

Sheriff William King Jr. said in his suit that before being elected in 2014, he made $78,000 as chief deputy sheriff, while his predecessor made $93,537.

But when King took office, the county commissioners continued to pay him at the same rate as when he was chief deputy, even though the amount budgeted for the position remained the same as what the prior sheriff made. King said he was not told of the pay cut.

ANSON, Maine — Town officials in Anson are seeking ways to recover more than $400,000 in missing money.

The Kennebec Journal reports that an auditor sent a letter to the town last week citing a shortfall of almost $111,000 between the amount of excise tax collected in 2011 and the amount deposited in the town's checking account that year.

This comes after auditors in June found nearly $328,000 missing from 2012 through September 2014.

'Location Is Everything' In Tribal Casino Dispute

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Fewer than 20 miles north of Portland, Ore., off Interstate 5 in southwest Washington state, sits a 150-acre former dairy farm. The Cowlitz Indian Tribe eyed the grassy field as the future home of a casino, and a developer purchased the land for the tribe more than a decade ago.

"It will be a very good attraction for the whole community here, drawing thousands of people daily but also providing thousands of jobs," says Bill Iyall, the Cowlitz tribal chairman.

PITTSFIELD, Maine — The National Weather Service says it issued a rare tornado warning for part of Maine including Pittsfield as a series of thunderstorms moved across the state.

Meteorologist Andy Pohl says weather radar indicated conditions were ideal for a tornado in southeastern Somerset County early Tuesday evening.

A boy who went missing about 7 p.m. Monday found his way home this morning after spending the night in the Aroostook County woods.

Local volunteers and searchers from several state agencies were in northern Maine overnight looking the 7-year-old boy, who went out looking for the family dog.

Richard Bowie, director of the Down East Emergency Medical Institute, says the boy handled the situation very well.

If you looked at the children at the edge of Conrad Cooper's pool, you'd think you were watching an ad for something. Jell-O, maybe. Or a breakfast cereal kids like. They're that cute.

They're lined up on the steps in the shallow end, 10 little ones, ranging from age 2 to 5. The boys are in board trunks, many wearing rash-guard shirts like the weekend surfers they might become years from now. The girls wear bright one-piece suits and two-pieces that show their childish potbellies.

PORTLAND, Maine — Maine's highest court says it was proper for a lower court to convict a man of jury tampering after he held up a sign as jurors were being selected for his trial.

Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled Tuesday against Joseph Solomon II's appeal of a judgment against him. He was in court for jury selection in March 2013 when he wrote "Please don't let them railroad your Veterans" on a piece of paper and held it up in view of 25 to 30 potential jurors.

Solomon faced trial on a charge of violating a protective order.

PORTLAND, Maine — The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, which announced its closure recently, is a step closer to partnering with the Maine College of Art.

That according to Salt's board of trustees, which released a written statement today indicating that talks are underway with MECA to negotiate some type of future relationship.

News of the 40-year-old school's closure six weeks ago prompted an outcry from many alumni who were critical of the move. They formed a group called "Save Salt" in hopes of keeping the school open.