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Maryland Congressman Pitches New Approach to Campaign Finance Reform at Stops in Maine

PORTLAND, Maine - The need for campaign finance reform has never been more urgent, according to Congressman John Sarbanes. The Maryland Democrat met Wednesday with supporters in Portland who are promoting a November state ballot question they say will help taxpayer-financed candidates compete with their privately-funded opponents.
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Maine Clam Farming Experiment Aims to Protect Resource from Green Crab Invasion

GEORGETOWN, Maine - For generations, Mainers have harvested clams by digging down into the tidal flats along the coast, moving from spot to spot and carefully pulling them out one by one from the muck. But the clam, and the clamming industry, are facing a new challenge, with the huge increase in recent years of the invasive predator known as the green crab.
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EXETER, Maine - A civilian contractor who was killed in a suicide attack on a NATO convoy in Afghanistan has been laid to rest in Maine.

About 700 people including military personnel and law enforcement turned out Wednesday at Exeter Cornerstone Baptist Church for the funeral of Corey Dodge of Garland.

The 40-year-old was one of 12 people killed in the Aug. 22 attack in Kabul.

The Army veteran worked as a police officer in Dexter, a Maine State Prison corrections officer, and a deputy in Knox County, where he was Deputy of the Year in 2002.

By Johanna S. Billings, Bangor Daily News

LUBEC, Maine — A number of local people tried to save a basking shark that washed up on shore Wednesday morning in Lubec.

“I assume it was probably chasing some food and it got grounded when the tide went out,” said Mark Olson of Robbinston, who took photos of the shark at about 9:30 a.m.

Olson said it was about 30 feet long.

A number of people tried to save the shark’s life by gathering sea water in buckets and pouring it over the shark, Olson said.

He was already serving a lengthy prison sentence; now onetime St. Louis Rams running back Lawrence Phillips is being charged with murder in the death of his cellmate. Phillips was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend and other charges in 2006.

The new charges against Phillips, 40, stem from the death of his fellow inmate at the Kern Valley State Prison in California this past spring. Officials are accusing Phillips of strangling Damion Soward, 37.

LEWISTON, Maine - The Internal Revenue Service is closing its Lewiston Taxpayer Assistance Center next week.

IRS spokesman Michael Dobzinski says the office,  located on Maine Street, will close permanently at the end of business on Thursday, Sept. 10.

Dobzinski says closing the Lewiston center was a business decision. "We're continuing to pursue strategies for the efficient use of our space as well as our rent costs - containing our rent costs."

ROCKLAND, Maine - A retired Maine lobsterman told a friend over the weekend he was fed up with having his apartment burglarized and bought a gun to defend himself against would-be thieves.

Just after midnight Tuesday he did just that, pulling his vintage revolver from beneath his pillow and shooting an intruder.

Harvey Lembo tells the Portland Press Herald  he bought the 1941 Russian-made revolver Monday after he was burglarized five times in six years.

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ Four groups have applied for the last three charter school slots in Maine.

The Portland Press Herald reports that ME Academy, Peridot Montessori Education, Show Pond Arts Academy and Acadia Academy filed applications by Tuesday's deadline.

The Maine Charter School Commission will take a first vote Oct. 13 on advancing the new applications to the second phase of the review process. It will make a final decision on Nov. 17.

Schools approved by the commission would open in fall 2016.

OAKLAND, Maine - The state Computer Crimes Task Force and more than a dozen other Maine law enforcement agencies are working to identify whoever has posted nude pictures of a number of underage Maine girls on Facebook.

Detective Sgt. Tracey Frost of the Oakland Police Department says a person threatened to post 300 of the pictures and began doing so Tuesday afternoon at 3 p.m.

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Congress votes on President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran this month. Most lawmakers have said they oppose the deal, yet he has a good chance of winning.

That is because the deal will be considered under rules that favor him, even if only a minority supports him in Congress.

WINTER HARBOR, Maine — Federal officials and conservationists are celebrating the opening of a new campground at Acadia National Park.

The more than 1,400-acre Schoodic Woods Campground is opening on Wednesday. U.S. Senator Angus King, Acadia Superintendent Sheridan Steele and Schoodic Institute President Mark Berry will speak at a ceremony at the campground.

On Wednesday, in honor of footballs that are inflated, we must discuss extra points. The NFL is monkeying around with the extra point again. You think it should? Do you have a better idea? Do we even need an extra point? Why do we have an extra point?

Well, the extra point is vestigial, a leftover from the good old 19th century days when football had identity problems and couldn't decide whether or not it was rugby. Or something. At that point, in fact, what was sort of the extra point counted more than the touchdown itself.