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Court Master: DHHS Refusal to Admit Patients to State Psychiatric Hospital Violates Decree

AUGUSTA, Maine - The court master in the ongoing consent decree covering mental health services at the Riverview Psychiatric Center says the Department of Health and Human Services has stopped admitting patients in violation of the decree.
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A.J. Higgins / MPBN

Bill to Repeal Maine's Clean Elections Law Comes Under Fire

AUGUSTA, Maine - A freshman Republican lawmaker is encountering some significant opposition - some from within his own party - over his proposal to send Maine's taxpayer-funded campaign law back to the voters for reconsideration.
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Maines Wildlife

How did Maine's wildlife fare now that winter is finally behind us?

Six writers have withdrawn from the PEN American Center's annual gala on May 5 in protest against the free-speech organization's decision to give the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo its annual Freedom of Expression Courage Award.

PORTLAND, Maine — Gas prices have risen 5.7 cents in Maine in the past week.

Gasoline price-monitoring website reports Monday that the average cost of a gallon of gas in Maine is $2.52.

Maine gas prices are 15.8 cents per gallon higher compared to a month ago, and about $1.21 lower per gallon than at this time last year.

The price per gallon in Maine 2 cents lower than the national average.

The Maine price is based on a survey of more than 1,200 gas stations.

PORTLAND, Maine — Maine's largest city is considering a ban on the use of e-cigarettes in public places.

The Portland City Council will hold a Monday night meeting in which it considers placing e-cigarettes and other devices that allow the user to inhale vapors on its list of tobacco products that are banned in public areas.

The city's Public Safety, Health and Human Services Committee unanimously supported the ban last month.

People have been lining up outside the U.S. Supreme Court for days hoping that they will be among the lucky ones to get a seat for Tuesday's historic arguments on gay marriage.

As of now, gay marriage is legal in 36 states. By the end of this Supreme Court term, same-sex couples with either be able to wed in all 50 states, or gay marriage bans may be reinstituted in many of the states where they've previously been struck down.

PORTLAND, Maine — Officials say Maine has collected nearly 24,000 pounds of unused medication during its first statewide drug take-back program.

The Maine Sheriffs' Association partnered with local police departments, Eco-Maine and Poland Spring to take over the program initially developed by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The national drug collection effort was discontinued due to a regulation and funding changes. Officials in Maine decided to keep it going.

By Holly Ramer, The Associated Press

CONCORD, N.H. — Northern New England's annual amphibian migration is always perilous, and critters that cross roads to breed are facing an additional challenge this year: a delayed start due to the long winter.

We've all heard that an aspirin a day can keep heart disease at bay. But lots of Americans seem to be taking it as a preventive measure, when many probably shouldn't.

In a recent national survey, more than half the adults who were middle age or older reported taking an aspirin regularly to prevent a heart attack or stroke. The Food and Drug Administration only recommends the drug for people who've already experienced such an event, or who are at extremely high risk.

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) _ A new state law is designed to help increase the number of electric vehicle charging stations in Maine.

KITTERY, Maine (AP) _ The nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Annapolis has arrived at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard for maintenance and upgrades.

   SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine (AP) _ An independent documentary filmmaker from Maine has survived the earthquake in Nepal, spending the night under a doorway of her Kathmandu apartment as buildings collapsed and roads cracked.