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Stephen King book tour
5:50 pm
Mon November 17, 2014

Horror Author Stephen King Meets Fans in South Portland

Best-selling author Stephen King was in South Portland Monday afternoon, wrapping up a national tour to promote his latest novel "Revival." Fans of the Bangor-based horror writer converged on the Books-A-Million bookstore, eager to get a signed copy.

Among them was Suzanne Edwards, from Dayton, Maine, who was keen to get home and start reading.

"He's so easy to read," she says. "I hated reading in high school, and when I picked up one of his books and I started reading I couldn't stop. And I've been reading every book since it's come out ever since."

Arts and Culture
9:17 am
Tue November 11, 2014

Stephen King's Newest Book is Released

BANGOR, Maine — Stephen King's latest novel is out.

"Revival" is being released Tuesday, and King will be in New York City to mark the event.

His six-city book tour travels from New York City to Washington; Kansas City, Missouri; Wichita, Kansas; and Austin, Texas, before wrapping up on Nov. 17 in South Portland, Maine.

Arts and Culture
4:10 pm
Sat November 8, 2014

'Ghost Brothers' to Start Near Stephen King's Home

ORONO, Maine - A supernatural musical created by writer Stephen King and rocker John Mellencamp is going on tour, starting in King's home state.

``Ghost Brothers of Darkland County'' kicks off Saturday and Sunday at the Collins Center at the University of Maine. From there, the show moves on to a string of cities from Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., to Chicago, Denver and San Francisco.

King's story is based on the real 1957 deaths of two brothers and a young girl.

Mellencamp wrote the "blues `n' roots'' musical score.

Robert Indiana
3:04 pm
Fri November 7, 2014

PMA Unveils New Robert Indiana Sculpture

Robert Indiana's "7" sculpture being installed at the Portland Museum of Art.
Credit Nora Flaherty / MPBN

PORTLAND, Maine - The Portland Museum of Art is now home to a new sculpture - an eight-foot-high number "7", which sits just outside the museum's entrance. The piece, by internationally known pop artist Robert Indiana, is called - appropriately enough - "seven." The sculpture is being officially presented Friday evening during Portland's First Friday art walk.


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NPR Story
9:53 am
Fri October 31, 2014

Mount Washington Observatory: Ultimate Zombie Fortress?

: Map by Steve Bushey and Angela Faeth, with added notes by Taylor Quimby

Originally published on Thu October 30, 2014 4:20 pm

In 1934, a weather observer stationed at the peak of Mount Washington recorded a, then record, wind gust of 231 miles per hour. As a point of reference, that’s in the same neighborhood as an F5 tornado.

Even on hot summer day, conditions at the peak can drop below freezing in a matter of minutes – which is just one reason more than 135 people have died in the shadow of Mount Washington since 1859.

And yet, Mount Washington isn’t just Home of the World’s Worst Weather--as a sign at the summit famously boasts--it’s also home to a weather station, where a team of researchers are able to safely live year-round.

Which begs the question: would the Mount Washington Observatory be the perfect place to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Listen to this radio story to find out:

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