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Government subsidies provided to Canadian producers and importers of supercalendered paper are directly hurting competitors in Maine, according to a preliminary ruling by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The Coalition for Fair Paper Imports, which includes Madison Paper Industries and Verso Paper, had asked the department to investigate the subsidies back in February.

Under what's called countervailing duty or CVD law, U.S. companies can seek financial relief when subsidies provided to foreign competitors are hurting their bottom lines.

More than 150 small-business owners in Maine have announced their support for a campaign that would place a minimum wage increase on the state ballot in 2016.

The Maine People's Alliance and Maine AFL-CIO submitted the paperwork to launch the citizens' initiative in April.

Will Ikard, director of the Maine Small Business Coalition, says that although many small-business owners worry that the costs of paying a higher minimum wage would hurt their businesses, that's not borne out in the numbers.

BANGOR, Maine — Bangor International Airport is getting a $14 million renovation of its domestic flights terminal.

WLBZ-TV reports the renovations will upgrade nearly every part of the terminal.

Airport Director Tony Caruso says the project's primary goal is to make passenger flow throughout the terminal. He says it's an upgrade the airport has needed for a long time.

The money will come from a federal Homeland Security grant and other sources.

The first phase of renovation is expected to be complete by October 2016.

Recreational fishing activity is having a sizeable impact on the New England and the U.S. economies, according to a new report. Federal regulators have just come out with the first ever economic survey of bait and tackle shops.

WASHINGTON - Members of Maine's congressional delegation are looking to Cuba as a potential trade partner with the state.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Democratic Congresswoman Chellie Pingree both say Maine businesses should take advantage of the recent thaw in U.S.-Cuban relations to rebuild trade with the island nation - rebuild, they say, because it was once a robust relationship.