Political news

A.J. Higgins / MPBN

AUGUSTA, Maine — In the wake of several high-profile court decisions, a ballot initiative here in Maine is expected to garner national attention.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Last November, when Gov. Paul LePage was re-elected by five percentage points in a three-way race, most political observers believed that he had earned political capital that he could use in the new Legislature to accomplish some of his goals.

AUGUSTA, Maine — A handwritten note that is purportedly from Gov. Paul LePage appears to chastise a woman from Cape Elizabeth who asked him to resign from office.

In a copy of the July 16 memo featuring the governor's letterhead, posted on The Beacon website, LePage responds to the woman, saying "You live in the south who exploit those who are not so fortunate, or understand the level of corruption that southern Mainers ignore and welcome!"

AUGUSTA, Maine — Several individuals and groups have joined the leadership of the Maine House and Senate in filing briefs with the state Supreme Court over what's become known as the governor's veto dispute.

At issue is whether the governor's assertion that he can veto 65 bills is correct or whether those bills have become law.

The written arguments are the first round of the legal battle that Gov. Paul LePage triggered when he asked the state Supreme Court for an opinion on whether he was prevented from vetoing 65 bills.

AUGUSTA, Maine — A threat allegedly made two years ago by Gov. Paul LePage to a group known as the World Acadian Congress is generating more scrutiny about the governor's use of power.