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Mal Leary / MPBN

WASHINGTON - Second District congressman-elect Bruce Poliquin has been on the run since the day after Election Day, at orientation sessions in Washington that amount to a school for new members of Congress, and interviewing potential staff. But MPBN's Mal Leary did have a chance to talk with him earlier today about his priorities for the new Congress, and his experiences in the last few weeks getting ready to take office Jan. 6.

Peter Galbraith

Ambassador Peter W. Galbraith is the Senior Diplomatic Fellow at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, where his work focuses on Iraq, the greater Middle East, and conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction, specifically in the Balkans, Indonesia, Iraq, India/Pakistan, and Southeast Asia.

For the Midcoast Forum on Public Relations, Galbraith presents "Iraq and Syria, What's Next?"

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The discovery of 21 so-called "phantom ballots" in state Senate District 25 has Democrats crying foul.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine Democrats are questioning possible ballot irregularities in a race for the state Senate.

Democrats are concerned about 21 "phantom ballots" cast for Republican Cathleen Manchester in Long Island that were discovered during last week's recount.

Kate Knox, an attorney for the party, tells the Portland Press Herald that the ballots exceeded the number of people whom officials had said voted.

Tom Porter / MPBN

The president's decision to act unilaterally on immigration Thursday night - and to spare nearly 5 million undocumented people in the U.S. from deportation - is not sitting well with Maine's two U.S. Senators.