Environment and Outdoors

Environment and Outdoors
7:13 am
Fri September 19, 2014

Maine Scientists Study Pacific Phytoplankton

EAST BOOTHBAY, Maine — Five Maine scientists will spend the next three weeks traversing the Pacific Ocean studying how phytoplankton affect the nutrient cycles of the ocean.

The scientists are from Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in East Boothbay. A spokeswoman for the lab says they will travel from Honolulu toward the Equator studying the relationship between phytoplankton biology and the ocean's chemistry. Phytoplankton are microscopic plants that live near the ocean's surface and play a critical role in the ocean's food web.

Climate change
6:06 pm
Wed September 17, 2014

Hundreds of Mainers Head to NYC for 'People's Climate March'

Climate change activist Bob Kotz addresses supporters.
Susan Sharon MPBN

What's being billed as the biggest climate change march is taking place this Sunday in New York City, and more than 600 Mainers have already signed up to go on 11 sold-out charter buses.  Marchers are demanding that political leaders take action to replace fossil fuels with 100 percent clean, renewable power, like solar and wind, as quickly as possible.  And some activists are literally pedaling that message all the way to the Big Apple.


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NextGen Climate
5:08 pm
Wed September 17, 2014

Environmental Group Targets Maine Gov. LePage

By Alanna Durkin, The Associated Press

AUGUSTA, Maine - A California billionaire's environmental group is launching operations in Maine as it looks to defeat Republican Gov. Paul LePage.

The political action committee NextGen Climate says its targeting 90,000 Maine voters that it believes are concerned about climate change and hopes to use the issue to get them to the polls.

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Declining cod stocks
2:19 pm
Wed September 17, 2014

Feds Issue Recommendation on Cod Shortage

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - Federal regulators are recommending a host of new restrictions to protect the Gulf of Maine's declining cod fishery.

The federal New England Fishery Management Council's Groundfish Oversight Committee on Wednesday recommended a battery of changes, including implementing expansions to existing inshore spawning closures. The panel also requested a review of the extent of cod by-catch in the lobster fishery.

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Declining cod stocks
4:12 pm
Tue September 16, 2014

Federal Panel to Issue Cod Fish Ruling

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - A key federal panel is set to make a recommendation about the future of the Gulf of Maine's declining cod fish stock.

Scientists at the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service say the amount of cod spawning in the Gulf is estimated at only 3 to 4 percent of its target level. That number represents a decline from 13 to 18 percent three years ago. The federal New England Fishery Management Council is working on new management measures for the fish. Measures could include a potential new quota for the 2015-16 fishing season that begins May 1.

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Endangered species
11:03 am
Tue September 16, 2014

Maine Close on Endangered Species Proposal

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine environmental officials expect to craft legislation to add several new species to the state's threatened and endangered animals list within a month.

State officials are considering adding the little brown bat and northern long-eared bat to the endangered list after white nose syndrome hurt populations. The eastern small-footed bat also faces threatened status.

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Green crabs
2:02 pm
Mon September 15, 2014

Maine's Invasive Crab Explosion Tapers Off

By Patrick Whittle, The Associated Press

PORTLAND, Maine  — Scientists say an explosion of invasive green crabs that threatens Maine's lucrative soft-shell clam industry appears to have tapered off, at least temporarily.

The crabs took over hundreds of acres of Maine mud flats last year, pressing regulators and fishermen into action to slow the crustacean's rapid growth.

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Your Vote 2014
12:03 pm
Mon September 15, 2014

Supporters Stump for $10 Million Water Bond

Kate Dempsey, of the Nature Conservancy of Maine, outlines her support for Question 6 on the Maine Ballot at a press conference in Falmouth.
Credit Tom Porter / MPBN

FALMOUTH, Maine - A coalition of environmentalists, business and municipal leaders and others, gathered in Falmouth this morning to officially launch the Yes on 6 campaign.

Question 6 on the November ballot would provide a $10 million bond issue to invest in Maine's water infrastructure.

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Environment and Outdoors
6:10 am
Mon September 15, 2014

Maine's Moose Hunt Starts Sept. 22

PORTLAND, Maine — Maine's annual moose hunting season is set to begin in a week.

The moose hunt starts Sept. 22 in eight of the state's 29 wildlife management districts. The districts are all in far northern and northeastern Maine. More management districts open up Oct. 13, and others on Nov. 3. The hunt closes Nov. 29, with a Maine "resident only" day set for Nov. 1.

Coral display
4:56 pm
Thu September 11, 2014

Gulf of Maine Coral Formations Dazzle Scientists

Pollack and herring swim past newly discovered Primnoa coral in the Schoodic Ridges of the Gulf of Maine earlier this summer.
Gulf of Maine Deep Coral Science Team 2014/NURTEC-UCONN, NOAA Fisheries, UMAINE

MOUNT DESERT ISLAND, Maine - When you think of colorful, underwater displays of orange and pink coral, your mind probably goes to warm, sunny places like Australia or Hawaii. But this summer, a team of New England researchers discovered massive coral gardens off the coast of Mount Desert Island. It's part of a coral mapping project by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Jennifer Mitchell talks with Rhian Waller, a marine scientist at the University of Maine, about the discovery.

View a video of the coral formations, shot by the Kraken 2.

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