Ed Morin

News Producer

Ed is a Maine native who spent his early childhood in Livermore Falls before moving to Farmington. He graduated from Mount Blue High School in 1970 before going to the University of Maine at Orono where he received his B.A. in speech in 1974 with a broadcast concentration. It was during that time that he first became involved with Public Broadcasting. He served as an intern for what was then called MPBN TV and also did volunteer work for MPBN Radio.

After doing post-graduate work at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., Ed took a full time job with the Maine Public Broadcasting Network in 1979 and has been with the company ever since. Ed works primarily as a news producer although over the years he has produced a number of TV arts and public affairs programs as well as many radio arts and music programs. For many years Ed was the principal producer of Maine Stage. These days he is heard primarily as producer of Midday as well as Maine Things Considered newscast producer.

Ed counts among his passions music, sports and family, not necessarily in that order. He sort of plays piano and guitar and has done a good deal of singing. He is an enthusiastic figure skater.

Ed and his wife live in Portland and have four grown boys.

Ways To Connect

WASHINGTON - As expected, Maine's two U.S. Senators were on opposite sides as the U.S. Senate passed a bill approving construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.  Nine Democrats joined 53 Republicans to endorse the measure, despite a presidential veto threat.

Keith Shortall / MPBN

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine Gov. Paul LePage says the one thing he'd like to get done this legislative session is to go after the income tax.

In the two-year $6.3 billion budget LePage has submitted to the Legislature, he has proposed that income taxes for top-rate payers go from 7.95 percent to 5.75 percent by 2019, and the top corporate rate from 8.93 to 6.75 percent by 2021. Making up the difference in state revenue would be increases in sales and use taxes.

WASHINGTON - Maine 2nd District Republican Congressman Bruce Poliquin took to the House floor today to raise awareness about human trafficking, and efforts to prevent it.

"As parents and as public officials we owe it to our families to help our states and our local communities with stronger law enforcement and tougher criminal penalties for those who prey upon our children," Poliquin said.

Yesterday, Poliquin voted in favor of bipartisan legislation designed to combat human trafficking in the U.S.

A major winter storm with heavy snow and strong winds has moved into Maine, making traveling treacherous. The worst of the storm is expected to last from daybreak until early afternoon. 

WASHINGTON - Maine Sen. Angus King is calling on Congress to take action to deal with cybersecurity threats against the U.S.  Speaking on the Senate floor Thursday, King, an independent, said the threat of cyber attacks is heading toward the U.S. like a freight train.

King said the frequency and scope of Internet attacks have increased, but Congress isn't doing much to deal with the issue.