Ed Morin

News Producer

Ed is a Maine native who spent his early childhood in Livermore Falls before moving to Farmington. He graduated from Mount Blue High School in 1970 before going to the University of Maine at Orono where he received his B.A. in speech in 1974 with a broadcast concentration. It was during that time that he first became involved with Public Broadcasting. He served as an intern for what was then called MPBN TV and also did volunteer work for MPBN Radio.

After doing post-graduate work at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., Ed took a full time job with the Maine Public Broadcasting Network in 1979 and has been with the company ever since. Ed works primarily as a news producer although over the years he has produced a number of TV arts and public affairs programs as well as many radio arts and music programs. For many years Ed was the principal producer of Maine Stage. These days he is heard primarily as producer of Midday as well as Maine Things Considered newscast producer.

Ed counts among his passions music, sports and family, not necessarily in that order. He sort of plays piano and guitar and has done a good deal of singing. He is an enthusiastic figure skater.

Ed and his wife live in Portland and have four grown boys.

Ways To Connect

AUGUSTA, Maine - On a vote of 7 to 4, a legislative panel has sent onto the Maine Senate a measure that would prohibit the shackling of pregnant women and detainees except under extraordinary circumstances.

Supporters of the measure say that shackling has been shown to increase a woman's chances of falling, which can be harmful to their pregnancy and interfere with the administration of proper care.

BAR HARBOR, Maine - A new report from the National Park Service shows that in 2014 the state's national parks attracted more than 2.5 million visitors who spent more than $221 million, supporting almost 3,800 jobs.

PORTLAND, Maine - The group that successfully mounted a referendum effort to prevent the sale of a public space in downtown Portland and to provide more protection to the city's other open spaces has been awarded a $100,000 grant from Southwest Airlines.

The "Heart of the Community" funding will allow Friends of Congress Square Park to develop programs and identify ways to better utilize the space.

GRAY, MAINE -  Coastal Flooding is expected tonight into early tomorrow in southern Maine and New Hampshire.  Forecasters have posted a coastal flood warning for the area 11 tonight until 3 a.m. Tuesday.

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - Five hundred of the world's top biathletes will converge on Aroostook County next February for an International Biathlon Union World Cup event.

Competitions will take place Feb. 11 to Feb. 14 of 2016, and will be held at the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle.

Event Director Jane Towle says the economic impact will be in the millions of dollars. She says the budget for just hosting the event is $1 million.