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Jennifer Mitchell studied Music, English and Anthropology at Oberlin College and Conservatory in Ohio. She has worked as News Director for Peninsula Public Radio in Homer, Alaska, and served as news producer in Bangor for Maine Public Radio in 2004. Most recently, she spent four years working in South Africa as a producer, as well as classical music presenter in Cape Town.

Jennifer is a fan of open source computing, and music of all types, including old Victrola tunes, Jazz, Folk, World, Goth and Metal. When not on the air, she can be found researching 19th century social history. Her idea of a good time is several hours in a dank basement looking at old patent applications, newspaper archives, and original recipes for intriguing Victorian delights such as sheep's head soup and shadow potatoes.

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PORTLAND, Maine _ A Maine company has pleaded guilty to illegally importing Canadian sea urchins into the state. ISF Trading Company of Portland acknowledged in federal court that it violated the law when it imported 48,000 pounds  of the urchins, worth some $173,000 dollars. 

Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is applauding a new rule being proposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation that would equip large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, with speed-limiting devices to cap the speed at which they can travel.

The Department’s proposal would require all newly manufactured vehicles with a gross weight of more than 26,000 pounds to come equipped with the speed-limiting devices.

Pat Wellenbach / Associated Press

The summer has been a dry one for some areas of the state, particularly in the southwest, which has experienced a severe drought this year.

It’s been a big week for the Katahdin Region, with news that the area would be home to one of the nation’s newest national monuments. It’s also home to one of the nation’s newest marathons.

John Hough, is race director for the Bay of Fundy International Marathon, is in town with other race organizers to plot the course for the newly minted Millinocket Marathon.

John Hough (l.), Gary Allen (c.) and Jesse Dumais discussing the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument at the Appalachian Trail Cafe.
Jennifer Mitchell/MPBN

Predictably, reactions have been mixed in Millinocket and neighboring East Millinocket, the towns involved in the monument debate over the past several years.

It’s been the big topic of conversation at Millinocket’s Appalachian Trail café for some time. A gathering place for both locals and through hikers, folks were deep in discussion about the potential for a monument over coffee and eggs Wednesday morning. And then:

STANDISH, Maine _ A Standish man is dead and his wife is in the hospital with serious, life threatening injuries, following a motor vehicle crash late Saturday night.

Courtesy of Westbrook Police Dept

WESTBROOK, Maine _ Westbrook Police say they they've documented a very large snake skin, apparently shed in Riverbank Park, along the banks of the Presumpscot River.

MEXICO, Maine (AP) - The Maine State Fire Marshal's office says one man has died and another has been injured after a fire at their home in downtown Mexico.

BANGOR, Maine - State wildlife officials today adopted a framework of new rules governing the ownership and keeping of wildlife species in Maine. But the process is not quite over.

The rules include a revamping of the requirements to keep certain animals, and which animals will be allowed. 

Among changes are increased fines for violations, changes to the permitting process, and the empowerment of third-parties to inspect wildlife facilities. 

Jennifer Mitchell / MPBN

Four farmer-owners, originally from Somalia, are starting a new 30-acre cooperative farm on College Street in Lewiston.

Courtesy National Endowment for the Arts

An elder among Passamaquoddy artisans has died. Clara Neptune Keezer was nationally recognized as a native basketmaker and teacher.

LEWISTON, Maine - The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is warning of a new scam that dupes people into paying for a fishing license without actually providing one.

Bonnie Holding of IF&W says the scam includes a third-party website that makes it look as though you can purchase a fishing or hunting license for any of the 50 states; but after paying the fee, people are simply given more information about how to apply.

Paul VanDerWerf / Flickr/Creative Commons

It has been a dry summer — parts of York County are in the grips of what weather experts are describing as a severe drought. But, so far, it all pales in comparison to what took place 200 years ago.

BANGOR, Maine - Gov. Paul LePage is going after the state teachers' union for its support of two questions that will appear on the November ballot.

"The MEA wants legislators to support a 10 percent income tax on successful Mainers," LePage says in his weekly radio address.

Approximately 8,800 pounds of raw beef products are being recalled due to their suspected role in an E. coli outbreak that has sickened more than a dozen people in New England — most of those cases in New Hampshire.

The products, originating from PT Farm in North Haverill, New Hampshire, were shipped to Maine and elsewhere in New England under different labels.

State Epidemiologist Siiri Bennett says the state has been working with the New Hampshire Department of Health, and so far one illness in Maine has been linked to the outbreak.