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Jennifer Mitchell studied Music, English and Anthropology at Oberlin College and Conservatory in Ohio. She has worked as News Director for Peninsula Public Radio in Homer, Alaska, and served as news producer in Bangor for Maine Public Radio in 2004. Most recently, she spent four years working in South Africa as a producer, as well as classical music presenter in Cape Town.

Jennifer is a fan of open source computing, and music of all types, including old Victrola tunes, Jazz, Folk, World, Goth and Metal. When not on the air, she can be found researching 19th century social history. Her idea of a good time is several hours in a dank basement looking at old patent applications, newspaper archives, and original recipes for intriguing Victorian delights such as sheep's head soup and shadow potatoes.

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JONESPORT, Maine (AP) _ U.S. Coast Guard officials say a fisherman who fell overboard and was pulled from the waters off Jonesport, Maine, was later pronounced dead.

Caroline Losneck

PORTLAND, Maine_ 18 people were arrested after blocking traffic for about four hours at a Black Lives Matter rally in Portland Friday night. The march, organized by Portland Racial Justice Congress, drew about 150 people, who marched through the city carrying signs and chanting slogans before stopping to block traffic at Commercial and Pearl Streets in the Old Port.

It has been a dry spring and summer so far across New England. Southern New Hampshire and parts of Maine are coping with parched conditions, but it’s not all bad news.

In New Hampshire, several municipalities have instituted water restrictions through October. In Maine, Portland’s rainfall levels are lagging by about 4 inches.

“Southern Maine here is in what we’d consider a moderate drought category right now,” says Tom Hawley, senior service hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Gray. “Extreme southern York County is in a severe drought.”

Gender rights groups are skeptical over some figures recently compiled by the U.S. Department of Education.

The American Association of University Women, a national women’s education nonprofit, says the Civil Rights Data Collection Report for 2013-2014 found that more than two-thirds of schools and school districts around the country reported zero instances of sexual harassment or gender-based bullying for that period.

In Maine, 66 percent of schools reported zero instances of such harassment.

FARMINGADLE, Maine_ Maine jazz musician and educator, Steve Grover, has died. 

WINTHROP, Maine_ Police say they've taken three Mainers and one Connecticut man into custody and charged them with trafficking heroin through Kennebec County.

A National Centers for Disease Control report released this week suggests that some of Maine’s most iconic industries also see the most deaths by suicide.

Farming, fishing and forest industry workers are committing suicides at the highest rates among the states surveyed, according to the report.

Mark Vogelzang / MPBN

The population of Lisbon is expected to swell from 9,000 to nearly 50,000 this weekend for the Moxie festival. But this year, visitors will find the iconic old store — which birthed Maine’s peculiar state soda — closed.

The 100-year-old Kennebec Fruit Store, owned for decades by the Anicetti family, has been put up for sale after the current patriarch, Frank Anicetti, recently decided to retire.

A Maine private school has received a $10 million grant — the largest gift in its 212-year history — from the Albert Lepage Foundation.

The foundation was started by Albert Lepage. Lepage, who hails from the Lewiston-Auburn area, made his fortune in his family’s baking company, Lepage Bakeries. Part of the foundation's gift to Hebron Academy will be used to finish converting an old gymnasium into a comprehensive arts center that already bears his name.

Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has introduced a bill designed to relieve some of the burdens faced by those caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Speaking on the Senate floor Wednesday, Collins says that as the elder population of the U.S. burgeons, more families will face dementia and the considerable costs that come with it.

“Last year caregivers of people living with Alzheimer’s shouldered $10.2 billion in health care costs related to the physical and emotional effects of caregiving,” she says.

Maine will receive a small share in the $25 million in Centers for Disease Control funding to combat the Zika virus.

Maine State Epidemiologist Siiri Bennett says while the mosquitoes that transmit the virus are not found in Maine, the state will get $176,000 for laboratory support.

“We do have a lot of Mainers who do travel down to areas where there is active transmission, that do have the mosquitoes that carry Zika virus, and when they come back they may have symptoms or want to be tested,” she says. “So these supplies are to help us do that testing.”

Fifteen children from New York City will be arriving for a summer vacation in Maine next week as part of a 140-year-old program.

The Fresh Air Fund was started in 1877 as a way to get children away from crowded, smoggy cities at a time when tuberculosis was rampant. Today, it’s a chance for kids accustomed to subways, city buses and pavement to enjoy green trees, the seashore and open spaces.

BANGOR, Maine - As millions of Americans embark on holiday travel this weekend, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that road fatalities have surged.

The federal agency says preliminary data show that fatalities were up last year by nearly 8 percent over the the year before, making 2015 the deadliest road year since 2008.

In Maine, the story is similar. Last year, the state experienced 156 fatalities, "and that compared to 131 back in 2014," says Duane Brunell, from the Safety Office of the Maine Department of Transportation.

Aya Padron / Flickr/Creative Commons

BANGOR, Maine - Maine's wild blueberry crop is on its way to ripening, but the berries aren't in the bucket just yet. It's been a drier than average spring, and experts say that could cause some crop loss if things don't turn around.

Somerset County Emergency Management Agency

BANGOR, Maine - Residents of a small township in northwestern Maine are effectively stranded, after a sizeable downpour flooded roads and closed a bridge on Route 201 in Parlin Township.