Keith Shortall

Director, News & Public Affairs

Keith Shortall is MPBN's News and Public Affairs Director. He grew up in Thomaston, Maine and graduated from Bowdoin College in 1982, majoring in philosophy. He began his career in commercial broadcasting in Portland, before moving to MPBN in 1989. Keith's interests include music (if you consider drummers to be musicians), and theater.

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What have we learned about America's recent wars abroad?

AUGUSTA, Maine - Should juveniles and pregnant women in criminal custody be placed in shackles when being transported into court or for medical visits? It's a question that Maine lawmakers are weighing in the form of two separate bills, both up for a public hearing at the State House today.

It's Thursday and thus time for Across the Aisle, our weekly foray into Maine Politics.  Our analysts this week include Cynthia Dill, an attorney and former Democratic state senator, Meredith Strang Burgess of Burgess Advertising and Marketing, a former Republican lawmaker, and Dick Woodbury, an economist who has also served in the Legislature as an independent. They spoke with Keith Shortall.

Across the Aisle is heard most Thursdays on MPBN Radio.

Reducing our use of plastic bags.  On April 15, an ordinance in Portland goes into effect that requires retailers to charge a nickel for each plastic bag they provide to consumers.  We'll learn why plastic bags present a problem to the environment, they process of how they are recycled, and what other communities in Maine are doing about this issue.

The benefits of volunteering to the community, to corporations, and, to the volunteer.

Guests:  Maryalice Crofton, Executive Director, Maine Commission for Community Service
  Dan Coyne, Senior Vice President for Community Impact, United Way of Greater Portland
  Emily Hopkins, UNUM volunteer
  Larry Wold, Maine President at TD Bank
  Bette Novick, Hub Furniture & community volunteer