Mal Leary

Managing Editor and Director of the Maine Capitol Connection

Journalist Mal Leary spearheads the Maine Capitol Connection project and serves as the Managing Editor and Director of the initiative.

Mal Leary has been a journalist throughout his life, working in both Washington D.C. and in Maine as both a reporter and editor. He has won numerous awards for his reporting, both in broadcast and in print and currently reports on state government issues in Maine on radio throughout the state and in several state newspapers. He owned and operated Capitol News Service, which was located in the State House complex.

Mal has been a long time member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors. He is the SPJ Sunshine Chair in Maine and is currently the president of the Maine Freedom of Information Coalition and is a director of NFOIC. Mal is married with three grown children, several grandchildren and lives in Augusta, within sight of the Capitol dome.

Ways To Connect

AUGUSTA, Maine - Possession of some controlled drugs, even in the form of just a couple of pills, is currently a felony under Maine law, with a potential sentence of several years in jail. Legislation that would reduce some drug penalties has drawn wide support, but also some stiff opposition, in Augusta.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A measure that would make possession of the ingredients and equipment to make methamphetamine a crime, separate from use and possession of the drug, drew broad support from law enforcement at a public hearing in Augusta.

Aroostook County District Attorney Todd Collins told members of the Legislature's Criminal Justice Committee that meth labs have become a serious public safety problem in rural Maine.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's law requiring the Department of Environmental Protection to adopt rules to protect citizens from toxic chemicals in products is falling short.

That was the message several Mainers delivered to lawmakers at a hearing Thursday on a bill that would require stricter rules.

Dr. Lani Graham of Freeport, who once headed Maine's Bureau of Health, told members of the Legislature's Environment and Natural Resources Committee that the DEP is not doing enough to protect those most vulnerable to toxic chemicals found in a wide variety of products.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A bipartisan group of state lawmakers is once again calling for the creation of a special cold case unit in the Maine Attorney General's office.

Members of the roughly 120 Maine families who've lost loved ones to unsolved murders joined lawmakers at a State House press conference Thursday, shortly before a Judiciary Committee hearing on a bill to fund a three-man cold case squad.

Ramona Torres called on lawmakers to pass the measure. Police believe Torres's son, who disappeared nearly 16 years ago and has never been found, was the victim of foul play.

WASHINGTON - Maine U.S. Sen. Susan Collins testified before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in support of several bills aimed at improving energy efficiency for homeowners, businesses and public schools.

The bottom line, Collins said, is that using energy more efficiently lowers costs, "ultimately saving families, businesses, and governments at all levels money."