Mal Leary

Managing Editor and Director of the Maine Capitol Connection

Journalist Mal Leary spearheads the Maine Capitol Connection project and serves as the Managing Editor and Director of the initiative.

Mal Leary has been a journalist throughout his life, working in both Washington D.C. and in Maine as both a reporter and editor. He has won numerous awards for his reporting, both in broadcast and in print and currently reports on state government issues in Maine on radio throughout the state and in several state newspapers. He owned and operated Capitol News Service, which was located in the State House complex.

Mal has been a long time member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors. He is the SPJ Sunshine Chair in Maine and is currently the president of the Maine Freedom of Information Coalition and is a director of NFOIC. Mal is married with three grown children, several grandchildren and lives in Augusta, within sight of the Capitol dome.

Ways to Connect

AUGUSTA, Maine — A state commission crafting recommendations for the management of public lands is not embracing Gov. Paul LePage’s proposal to use revenue from the sale of timber to help low-income mainers heat their homes.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Medical professionals and anti-HIV activists have launched an admittedly ambitious effort to eliminate AIDS in Maine by 2030. The Frannie Peabody Center in Portland is leading the effort. 

"It will be difficult," says Megan Hannan, executive director of the center. "That's why we want a coalition from everyone across the state. We are talking to hospital systems; we are talking to insurance companies we are talking to financial institutions, media. Everybody has a piece of this."

Maine is home to lots of big, beautiful old houses that are expensive to heat in the winter and to keep cool during the warmer months. It's a problem at the Blaine House in Augusta, the official of residence of the governors of Maine for nearly a century. But now the Blaine House has has joined a growing number of homes and businesses that are turning to new technology to cut down on heating costs.

The sprawling mansion - just across the street from the State House - is not only home to the governor's family, it's a museum.

The Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee has held four meeting to explore how the more than $50 million a year is spent by the Fund For a Healthy Maine. That's money that the state gets as its share of the lawsuit against the tobacco companies for misleading claims about cigarettes.

The panel's co-chairman, Rep. Drew Gattine, a Democrat from Westbrook, says the panel was frustrated by a lack of cooperation from the Department of Health and Human Services.

AUGUSTA, Maine_ Republican Rep. Mary Anne Kinney of Knox is proposing a for-work- purposes-only driver's license for those parents who have not paid their child support and as a result have lost their driver's licenses. "We have no public transportation per se," says Kinney, "there is an occasional taxi that comes through. But a lot of the jobs are almost an hour away from my constituents' homes."