Mal Leary

Managing Editor and Director of the Maine Capitol Connection

Journalist Mal Leary spearheads the Maine Capitol Connection project and serves as the Managing Editor and Director of the initiative.

Mal Leary has been a journalist throughout his life, working in both Washington D.C. and in Maine as both a reporter and editor. He has won numerous awards for his reporting, both in broadcast and in print and currently reports on state government issues in Maine on radio throughout the state and in several state newspapers. He owned and operated Capitol News Service, which was located in the State House complex.

Mal has been a long time member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors. He is the SPJ Sunshine Chair in Maine and is currently the president of the Maine Freedom of Information Coalition and is a director of NFOIC. Mal is married with three grown children, several grandchildren and lives in Augusta, within sight of the Capitol dome.

Ways To Connect

AUGUSTA, Maine - Opponents of Gov. Paul LePage’s plan to divert tobacco settlement money away from the Fund for a Healthy Maine and move it into more direct smoking cessation treatment through Medicaid, turned out in force in Augusta today.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Rep. Joel Stetkis says Maine's criminal law dealing with certain knives is preventing the use of many tools that are useful for sportsmen and those in the trades.

At a hearing on the measure, Stetkis held up a knife he had purchased at a local hardware store that he says is illegal under current law.

"When I push the button on the handle, just like the law says, when I do this, it opens," Stetkis said. "It's illegal in the state of Maine under that law."

AUGUSTA, Maine - Members of the Legislature's Education Committee have voted unanimously to recommend an emergency bill to give local school districts another option in making up lost time - a longer school day.

"The emergency measure is because of this winter," says Rep. Victoria Kornfield, a Bangor Democrat. "I mean, if anybody needs to use it, it's going to be for this winter. And I think it passed because it is permissive."

AUGUSTA, Maine - Rep. Jeff Evangelos, an independent from Friendship, wants cable TV customers to only have to buy the channels they want to watch.

Evangelos says he has had constituents very upset they have to buy 80 channels when they only watch 20.

"I'm not saying that they can't offer the complete meal package," Evangelos said. "I'm just saying, if people want to select just the steak or just the potatoes, maybe they should be able to do that. It's about consumer choice."

AUGUSTA, Maine - The state Lottery Commission has plans to allow the lottery-style game "Keno" in as many as 150 locations around Maine.