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Patty Wight joined MPBN after working as a freelance radio reporter. She has produced pieces for National Public Radio programs such as All Things Considered and Morning Edition. She produced a 5-part documentary series on Maine’s gubernatorial campaign for Maine Things Considered in 2010. Patty also taught at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, where she first got hooked on radio as a student herself in 2000. After graduating, she immediately sought an internship with MPBN. She’s very happy to return as a reporter.

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Medical treatment can cure illnesses and save lives. But too much treatment can cause harm, even death.

A salmonella outbreak linked to bean sprouts has been reported in 10 states, including Maine. New York-based bean sprout supplier Wonton Food Inc is the source of the outbreak. Maine Center for Disease Control Director Dr. Sheila Pinette says bean sprouts are grown in conditions conducive to salmonella.

"They grow in water-generated type of growth underneath, and so you can pick up salmonella in the seed and it can be throughout the sprout," Pinette says.

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About seven million people signed up for insurance last year through the Affordable Care Act. But there were two to four million more who were essentially locked out due to something called the "family glitch."

LEWISTON, Maine - About two weeks ago, St. Mary's Hospital in Lewiston closed its Behavioral Intensive Care Unit. Hospital officials say it's a move they've contemplated for years, and recent financial struggles forced them to finally pull the plug. Finances are also driving a change to the hospital's outpatient substance abuse program, which will now require a down payment from those who qualify for free care. While some health advocates criticize the changes, hospital officials say the impact on patients will be minimal.

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PORTLAND, Maine - It's four days in to the new enrollment period for the online insurance marketplace, and advocates are encouraging those who need health coverage to apply. So far, enrollment appears to be going more smoothly than last year, which was plagued with technological issues. But there are new insurance products to consider this time around, and consumers have half the time to sign up. Advocates say both new and returning enrollees should fully explore their options - and soon.