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Patty Wight joined MPBN after working as a freelance radio reporter. She has produced pieces for National Public Radio programs such as All Things Considered and Morning Edition. She produced a 5-part documentary series on Maine’s gubernatorial campaign for Maine Things Considered in 2010. Patty also taught at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, where she first got hooked on radio as a student herself in 2000. After graduating, she immediately sought an internship with MPBN. She’s very happy to return as a reporter.

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PORTLAND, Maine _ The Portland Jetport is seeing an uptick in travelers this week ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Assistant airport director Zach Sundquisd says typically the Jetport sees about 2,000 travelers a day this time of year.

"The past three days, we've been closer to 25...2,600, so it's definitely been an increase," says Sundquisd. "This time of year we get a lot of passengers that haven't flown in a year, so we recommend 90 minutes prior just to give you that extra time to get through TSA."

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maine has filed a lawsuit against the state Department of Health and Human Services over abortion coverage for women eligible for MaineCare.

PORTLAND, Maine — For those hoping to make a career in law, the standard commitment is a four-year bachelor's degree and three years of law school. But under a program unveiled today at the University of Southern Maine, students will be able to shave a year off of that schedule, and save the tuition.

USM and the University of Maine Law School say they believe the program will make it easier for students to get a law degree, and also bolster enrollment. But some question whether such arrangements actually help students.

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Several counties in Maine are using ankle monitors to track alleged domestic violence offenders before their case goes to trial. While some electronic monitoring programs in the past have been scrapped due to the burden on law enforcement, supporters say ankle monitoring shows promise, for both tracking alleged offenders and helping victims feel safer.

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PORTLAND, Maine — Six N.C. Wyeth paintings that were stolen from a Portland apartment in 2013 are back in Maine where they belong.