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Patty Wight joined MPBN after working as a freelance radio reporter. She has produced pieces for National Public Radio programs such as All Things Considered and Morning Edition. She produced a 5-part documentary series on Maine’s gubernatorial campaign for Maine Things Considered in 2010. Patty also taught at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, where she first got hooked on radio as a student herself in 2000. After graduating, she immediately sought an internship with MPBN. She’s very happy to return as a reporter.

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FALMOUTH, Maine - Many primary care doctors commit to the profession because of their passion for caring for patients. But the reality of the job often requires doctors to pack each day with patient appointments. As time with patients shrinks and administrative tasks swell, the quality of care can suffer.

Out of frustration, some Maine doctors have decided to abandon the conventional treatment model for something called direct primary care.

The problem of opiate addiction in Maine is one that state Rep. Barry Hobbins knows something about. "One of my family members has been struggling with this dreaded addiction of opiates for six years," he says.

So when pharmaceutical company Pfizer — which makes opioids that have abuse-deterrent properties — asked Hobbins to sponsor a bill that would require insurance companies to cover these more expensive drugs at the same level as other opioids, he agreed.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine has one of the highest rates of opiate addiction in the nation. To reduce the problem, lawmakers are looking at ways to make opioids that deter abuse more affordable for patients seeking pain relief.

AUGUSTA, Maine — A bipartisan group of lawmakers wants to give terminally ill Mainers the freedom to hasten their deaths.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Legislature is taking up several proposals that affect Maine's laws governing abortions. One bill before the Judiciary Committee this afternoon would require parental consent for teens who want an abortion.