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Susan is the deputy news director who handles assignments and planning by the news staff. She's also a general assignment reporter who began her career at MPBN working at the State House in 1992. Since then she has covered major political and environmental stories, winning national awards for her beat reporting twice from the Society for Environmental Journalists. Her coverage of labor issues, including an investigative series on independent contractors, has also been recognized by the Public Radio News Directors, Inc and by the Associated Press. Susan is a graduate of the University of Montana where she got her first job in public radio news while still a student. She has also worked at television stations in Montana and Maine.

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PORTLAND, Maine - Gov. Paul LePage says Maine's Attorney General is interfering with his ability to hire outside attorneys in legal cases in which she declines to represent him, or disagrees with his position.

PORTLAND, Maine - The Maine Supreme Judicial court heard oral arguments this morning in Gov. Paul LePage's ongoing dispute with Attorney General Janet Mills.

At issue is whether the attorney general, once she has refused to represent the governor in litigation, can limit the amount of money spent on outside counsel or involve herself in other ways.

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ETNA, Maine — Traffic is moving again on Interstate 95 northbound after this morning's multi-vehicle pile up, which authorities now say involved 70 vehicles.  Fifty vehicles had to be towed, authorities say.

Editor's note: This is the final part of our 5-part "State of Withdrawal" series. Click here for the other stories in the series.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Methadone is an opiate replacement medication long considered to be "the gold standard" for treatment of addiction.

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Editor's note: This is Part 4 of our 5-part "State of Withdrawal" series. Click here for the other stories in the series.

This week we've been hearing from doctors and treatment providers about why they object to the state's plan to end MaineCare coverage for about 3,000 methadone patients.