Tom Porter

News Producer

That very British voice you've begun hearing on Maine Things Considered belongs to our newest reporter, Tom Porter, who comes to us after a prior stint as a reporter at WVTF-FM, a public radio station in Roanoke, Virgina.

A native of Birmingham, England, Tom comes from a family of British journalists. He worked for nearly eight years at Bloomberg Television and Radio in London as a reporter and news producer. He is also trained jazz pianist. Tom has a bachelor's degree from the University of London and a master's degree from Kings College in London.

Tom has a strong background in environmental reporting, chronicling the drought affecting much of the south, innovation in “green” construction and building design and advances in biotechnology.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - Business representatives are joining environmentalists in warning that a one-word typographical error could cost Maine energy consumers a quarter of a billion dollars in higher energy bills over the next three years.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Environmental advocates and business representatives today warned that a one-word typographical error could cost Maine energy consumers $250 million in higher energy bills over the next three years, if not corrected.

They say the omission of the word "and" from a phrase in the omnibus energy law passed in 2013 allowed the Public Utilities Commission to vote recently to slash funding to Efficiency Maine by nearly $40 million.
Efficiency Maine helps businesses reduce their energy costs.

PORTLAND, Maine - New figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show Cumberland County to be the fastest-growing county in Maine. Cumberland - already the most populous county in the state - saw its population increase by 0.67 percent in the 12 months between July 2013 and July 2014.

UNITY, Maine - A Maine college is looking to train the next generation of Paul Bunyans. Unity College is seeking applications for its Lumberjack Camp, which will teach teenagers skills like log rolling and ax throwing this summer.

College spokesman Bob Mentzinger says the program is designed to "showcase timber sports that are fast-faced, physical, and historically rich. Where else can you throw an ax competitively, or do log-rolling, or try to cut down a tree using a certain type of cross-cut technique? I mean, it's a really interesting batch of skills that we're offering."

Tom Porter / MPBN

PORTLAND, Maine - Green Party activists in Portland today began the citizen initiative process that they hope will lead to a sizeable minimum wage increase in Maine's biggest city.

The Portland Green Independent Committee submitted an affidavit and final ordinance language to the Portland City Clerk this afternoon, and members hope to start collecting signatures at the end of next week.

Committee Chair Tom MacMillan says the initiative seeks to create a municipal minimum wage of $15 per hour by 2019, with tipped workers getting $11.25 per hour.