$20M Federal Grant to Fund Maine Aquaculture Study

Aug 6, 2014

Orono, Maine - Maine's 3,500-mile coast line will become a living laboratory for scientific researchers, who will investigate how sustainable ecological aquaculture interacts with coastal communities and ecosystems.

Paul Anderson, who directs the Aquaculture Research Institute and the Maine Seagrant Programs at the University of Maine, says the research project will use various types of science to understand how aquaculture can fit into the state's multi-use working waterfronts, while also building partnerships and training students.

"This is probably a good opportunity to take a more holistic look at how aquaculture can fit in and can be part of the seafood sector - you know, work with the commercial fishing industry, work with the tourism industry - and just understand what those opportunities are, as well as, perhaps. some of the constraints and limitations."

The effort, being led by UMaine in collaboration with the University of New England and other Maine institutions, is being funded through a five-year $20-million grant from the National Science Foundation.