Cutler Wins Endorsement of Gun Control Advocates

Jul 24, 2014

William Harwood, of Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence, endorses Eliot Cutler, right, as Dr. Robert McAfee, center, looks on.
Credit Irwin Gratz

Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence today endorsed independent Eliot Cutler for governor. Board member William Harwood told reporters in Portland that only Cutler had demonstrated consistent, absolute support for universal background checks.

"On the issue of preventing gun violence, Eliot Cutler stands head and shoulders above his opponents, Mike Michaud and Paul LePage," Harwood said. "Cutler has not shied away from taking a firm stand on this controversial issue."

Harwood says Democratic candidate Michaud failed to join the rest of the Maine Congressional Delegation in co-sponsoring a Senate measure to increase background checks. And he noted that Republican incumbent LePage vetoed a background check bill passed by the Legislature.