Portland Pizza Chain Reports Data Breach

Aug 22, 2014

PORTLAND, Maine - A Portland-based pizza chain says the credit or debit card numbers of about 900 customers might have been compromised in an attack by hackers.  

In a press release, officials with OTTO Pizza say a "point-of-sale" attack at its Portland locations began in early May and ended in mid-August. Affected were the company's credit card terminals at its two Congress Street restaurants. The chain's other six restaurants in Maine and Massachusetts, and its home delivery customers, were not involved.

So far, officials say, no fraud or misuse of customers' credit card numbers have been reported. OTTO has set up a special telephone line for customers, and informed all of its employees. It has also posted a statement on its Web site.

Officials says it's likely that fewer than 3 percent of the total number of transactions at both Congress Street restaurants were potentially compromised.  The company is advising customers who find suspicious transactions on their bank cards to contact their credit card company or bank immediately.

Since the breach was discovered, the hard drives of the affected terminals were replaced and additional security measures have been installed, officials say.