The Telling Room: 'O Acadia!'

Jun 13, 2014

Every Friday this summer, we're featuring the work of young writers in partnership with the Telling Room In Portland. This week, a poem by Mary McColley.

Author Mary McColley
Credit Courtesy the Telling Room

O Acadia!

By Mary McColley

O Acadia! Acadia!

Your wild, heaving sea

Broils white with foam and spray—

And ever may it be.

Like horses fueled by anger

The thunderous waves avail,

But never shall they conquer rock,

Though in tumult do they rail.

The gath’ring noise! The leaps of height!

The beauty of the foam!

Oh, surging waves, what power lies

In the moon-pull of your home.

Such shades of color as only seen

In thought, the sea puts on.

Deepening blues, and slightest greens,

And grays like stormy dawns.

The riveting cascade of ocean

Against the watered rock

Is thick and pure—and glistening—

A key to beauty’s lock.

Rain of light, of foam, don’t cease!

Your music fills the air

With orchestrated slap of stone

And breeze, from who-knows-where.

O Acadia! Acadia!

This wonder fills my mind

Such pow’r—such blues—such sky so free—

Such is God’s, not mine.

"O, Acadia!" is by Mary McColley, one of 26 students to be selected for publication in the annual anthology of the  Telling Room, a non-profit writing center dedicated to the idea that children and young adults are natural story tellers.