World Acadian Congress Celebrates Region's Shared History and Culture

Aug 13, 2014

Left to right, George Dumond, Judy Paradis (back to camera), Lisa Pelletier, Don Levesque, who spoke with Jennifer Rooks from Edmundston, New Brunswick.
Credit Courtesy Kelly Martin

EDMUNDSTON, New Brunswick - Every five years, people of Acadian descent come together for a two-week celebration that includes family reunions, parties, seminars, cultural events and more. It's called the World Acadian Congress.  And this time, it's being held in the Saint John Valley - both in Maine and Canada. Events are being held in northern Aroostook County, as well as right across the border in New Brunswick and Quebec. Fifty-thousand people are expected to attend, including members of 120 Acadian families. Jennifer Rooks spoke today with several of the event's organizers who were gathered in Edmundston, New Brunswick.