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Children's Books

13 hours ago

Maine has long been fertile ground for children’s book authors – several nationally-recognized authors and illustrators live in Maine.  We'll hear from them about what it's like to write for a younger audience and what it takes to craft a successful book for the younger set.


Raising Backyard Chickens

Aug 25, 2016

Chances are, you or someone you know has some chickens in the backyard. Raising chickens has become a trend, whether you have a farmhouse or live right in the city. We'll learn about the ins and outs of raising backyard chickens.


Lisa Steele, chicken keeper in Dixmont and author of books on raising poultry and the website Fresh Eggs Daily

Donna Coffin, Extension Professor, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Racism Today

Aug 24, 2016

How do we define racism today? On one hand we have a new surge of exclusionary attitudes and racial conflicts, while we also have increased awareness and extreme sensitivity over racial issues. We'll look at the history of racism, andhow it is playing out in today's society -- especially here in Maine.


Prof. Brian Purnell, Associate Professor, Africana Studies and History, Bowdoin College

Dr. Kenneth Lewis, pastor of Green Memorial AME Zion Church

Insect Threats

Aug 23, 2016

From moths to beetles, a number of problematic species threaten the health of Maine's trees -- and of humans as well.

Guests:  Charlene Donahue, Forest Entomologist with the Maine Forest Service

Kyle Rosenberg, City of Bath Arborist, Forestry Division

End-of-Summer Things to Do

Aug 22, 2016

What are some of the hidden hideaways or exciting events that are worth exploring in these waning days of summer? We'll get end-of-summer ideas for travel, adventure and quiet enjoyment in and around Maine.

Tony Cameron, Director of Marketing & Communications, Maine Tourism Association
Sharon Nickerson, travel agent, AAA Northern New England
Brian Kevin, Managing Editor, Down East Magazine

Surviving the First Year of College

Aug 18, 2016

College freshmen are about to leave home for their first year of college or university.  We’ll get advice on how to help freshman navigate their first year of college.


Dr. Sarah Cunningham, Chief Student Success Officer, Unity College

Corey Pelletier, Director of Alumni and Career Services, Thomas College

Malcolm Gauld, President of Hyde School.  Author of "College Success Guaranteed: 5 Rules to Make it Happen" and "College Success Guaranteed 2.0: 5 Rules for Parents."

A look at the life of a long-serving Maine Game Warden and the issues currently facing game wardens.

Guests:  Roger Guay served with the Maine Warden Service from 1986 to 2010.

Innovative Funding

Aug 16, 2016

A discussion of some of the new ways businesses are finding to finance a startup or expansion – from Kick Starter and Go Fund Me and more.


Greg Fryer, attorney with Verrill Dana. 

Kate Curran, Training and Outreach Coordinator with Coastal Enterprises, Inc.  Kate is a member of the Maine Start-up & Create Week Executive Committee. 

Proficiency Based Education

Aug 15, 2016

Maine's schools have been adopting the Proficiency-Based Education model and are at varying stages with implementing this new system of teaching and grading based on meeting standards. How is it going? What are the pros and cons?


Betsy Webb, superintendent, Bangor School Department [from Bangor studio]

Tina Meserve, superintendent, RSU 16 (Poland)

Erika Stump, research associate, Center for Education Policy, Applied Research and Evaluation at the University of Southern Maine

Veterinary Care

Aug 12, 2016

What’s new in the world of pet care?  We'll get advice on caring for your pet during the hot summer days.


Virginia Gill, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), Maine Veterinary Medical Center, Scarborough, ME

Dr. Ginger Johnson, Veterinary and Rehabilitation Center of Cape Elizabeth

Eye Health

Aug 11, 2016

From dry eye to macular degeneration to state-of-the-art glasses, we discuss the issues and new developments in eye health today.

Guests: Dr. Linda Schumacher Feero, ophthalmologist and President of the Maine Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. Mark Balles, ophthalmologist and founder of the Retina Center of Maine

Dr. Ian Jones, with the Maine Optometric Association and an optometrist in private practice in Newport


Foster Care

Aug 10, 2016

Last year, 870 children entered into state custody. There is a pressing need for more foster families to care for these children. What does being a foster family entail? And what happens to these children as they move through the system? Guests: Mary Mayhew, Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services Jim Martin, Director of the Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS) April Belyea, a foster parent from CaribouSarah Hatt, a foster parent from Washburn



Aug 9, 2016

Our favorite gardening experts return to offer more advice on making - and keeping - your garden growing.


William Cullina, Executive Director of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Barbara Murphy, garden coordinator for Gardeners Growing Healthy Communities

The Lives of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Aug 8, 2016

We speak with two authors who have written about the lives of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Guests:  David Cay Johnston, is an investigative journalist and winner of a 2001 Pulitzer Prize for journalism. His book “The Making of Donald Trump,” came out on August 2.

What’s new and different at farmers’ markets across the state of Maine.  We’ll hear from a cross-section of farmer’s markets in the state about what they offer and how they’ve changed over the years as well as the challenges and opportunities they face.

Guests:  Leigh Hallett, Executive Director, Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets

Zizi Vlaun, Center for Ecology Based Economy

Mark Guzzi, farmer at Peacemeal Farm (Orono, Bangor, and Belfast FMs)