Maine Calling

Monday-Thursday, Noon-1 p.m.

Maine Calling is an interactive radio program hosted by MPBN News Director Keith Shortall and Public Affairs Host Jennifer Rooks and produced by Jonathan Smith.

Airing live Monday through Thursday from 12:00 to 1:00 pm and anytime online, the show brings interesting conversations on a wide variety of topics to the people of Maine.

MPBN listeners are strongly encouraged to participate in the program.

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Join us for the next Maine Calling on Wednesday, November 26, when we discuss Roxana Robinson's novel "Sparta" about a veteran returning from the war in Iraq and the challenges he faces at home.

Guests:  Rich Brewer/Founder, OneWarriorWon


A discussion about the blood supply - from donation to hospital management. 

Guests:  Dr. Irwin Gross of Eastern Maine Medical Center (Blood Management Program) 

Dr. Jorge Rios, medical director with American Red Cross in New England

Good news stories and people to be thankful for. Guests:  Alex Steed, founder of Knack Factory and blogger for the Bangor Daily News  Sandy Albert, Director of Housing and Energy Services at Community Concepts, a nonprofit that has served Androscoggin and Oxford Counties since 1965Cullen Ryan, Executive Director, Community Housing of Maine 

Tech Talk

Nov 19, 2014

A 'black Friday' preview to tech deals and answers to your tech questions - be they pc, mac, tablet, smartphone, printer or wi-fi network.

Guests:  Jared Maxfield, Owner of Necessary Technology   
  Andrew Rosenstein, Founder of TechPort
Janet McKenney, Director of Library Development, Maine State Library

We discuss a new study that found that improving the quality and availability of medical and social services helps enhance both the quality of life through the end of life and creates a more sustainable care system, but first, we need to become more comfortable talking about death and dying Guests:  Kandyce Powell, who is the executive director of the Maine Hospice Council and Center for End of Life Care  Dr. James VanKirk, a palliative care specialist with Eastern Maine Healthcare