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Sanford police responded to six suspected opioid overdoses last weekend, including one death.

The overdoses all took place from Friday to Saturday within about a half a square mile of each other. Sanford Police Chief Thomas Connolly says he suspects that the people who overdosed all purchased heroin from the same individual, and that it was laced with fentanyl, a highly potent narcotic.

Connolly says the spate is a reminder that the state needs to provide more access to medication assisted treatment.

Gage Skidmore / Flickr/Creative Commons

Donald Trump was in Bangor Wednesday for his second rally in Maine.

In a speech that stuck pretty closely to what we heard in his trade speech in Pennsylvania Tuesday, Trump took aim at the Trans-Pacific Partnership and said if he’s elected, he’ll withdraw the U.S. from the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Speaking to about 4,000 people, Trump blamed Hillary Clinton for the rise of the Islamic State and a decline in American influence and prosperity.

Fred Bever / MPBN

Maine’s seaweed industry is going through some growing pains. News this week that a state seaweed festival was being canceled is raising questions about how new markets for edible macroalgae from Maine should be developed, and whether the state’s wild seaweeds might be a resource at risk.

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Millions of Americans visit Maine’s Acadia National Park each year expecting a quality outdoor experience featuring some of the state’s most iconic landscapes. But unhealthy air quality in the region is forcing some hikers to change their plans.

Patty Wight / MPBN

The need for dental care in Maine is overwhelming. According to the state Center for Disease Control, only half of Maine adults have dental insurance. That’s about the same number who have also lost at least one permanent tooth for reasons other than trauma or orthodontia.

Fred Bever / MPBN

Wednesday, June 29: To watch Donald Trump live in Bangor, click here.  

Gov. Paul LePage told Bangor radio station WVOM that he plans to attend the campaign rally of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday.

A proposal to tax, regulate and allow adult recreation use of marijuana landed the top spot on a November ballot crowded with a record five citizen initiatives.

The outcome follows a quirky tradition in Maine’s 106-year-old referendum law: a random drawing to determine the order of the questions. Advocates of the ballot measures were watching closely.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday against two Maine men who were caught with guns in violation of a federal statute.

Both Stephen Voisine of Wytopitlock and William Armstrong III of New Vineyard had misdemeanor domestic assault convictions.

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Vermont’s so-called GMO Labeling Law will go into effect July 1. It requires manufacturers to label foods made with genetic engineering. It’s the first law of its kind in the nation, and it has started a trend.

Maine and Connecticut have passed similar laws, but only require labels if nearby states join the labeling bandwagon. New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island are also considering labeling legislation.

Two days after a kayaking guide and one of his customers died after waves swamped their boats off the village of Corea, the state’s kayaking community is taking stock of the sport’s inherent dangers, and paddling on.

It’s a beautiful, mildly breezy day on Casco Bay on Friday, and Oxford Hills resident Saphire Robinson is getting ready to put an open-cockpit kayak in at Portland’s East End ramp.

This is her second time out ever, and she says the deaths of a New Jersey man and his Maine guide Wednesday has sharpened her awareness of the risks involved.

Robbie Feinberg / MPBN

Earlier this week, all staff members at Athens Elementary School gathered together to discuss their yearlong experiment in school governance. To save money and reclaim local control, the school decided in September to get rid of its principal and appoint teachers to serve as both instructors and administrators. The approach is still new, but it could lead to changes across Maine’s small, rural school districts.

BANGOR, Maine - Maine trade experts have been anticipating the outcome of the so-called Brexit referendum for weeks. On Friday, the world woke up to the news that UK citizens had opted to leave the European Union.
"I think this took everyone by surprise. All of the companies that I've been talking to in the UK were pretty confident that there was not going to be an exit," says Janine Cary, president of the Maine International Trade Center.

PORTLAND, Maine - A water company that serves much of southern Maine is proposing a new, $50 million treatment plant on the Saco River.  
The Maine Water Company's existing water treatment plant in Biddeford is more than 120 years old. Company officials say it's time to build a modern plant to serve 21 communities from Biddeford to Scarborough - and maybe beyond.

Maine Tour Brews up Tasty New Way to Watch Birds

Jun 23, 2016
Caroline Losneck

Certain things just seem to go together. Like movies and popcorn. Baseball and hotdogs. But how about birds  In southern Maine, tours are being offered that combine the joys of birding with the tastes of Maine beer.  I went along for the ride.

AUGUSTA, Maine - In the wake of the recent Orlando shootings, gun legislation continues to dominate the headlines in Washington D.C., and in Maine, where Gov. Paul LePage is campaigning hard to defeat a fall ballot question that would require criminal background checks for anyone purchasing a firearm through a private sale.

During a well-attended and supportive town meeting event in Richmond Wednesday evening, LePage said the focus of the gun debate is misdirected. But the governor's critics say he has waffled on gun control and needs to check his facts.