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AUGUSTA, Maine - Patricia Sutherland drove for four hours to make the Thursday afternoon meeting with legislative leaders. Sutherland chairs the board of selectmen for the town of Chapman, which borders Presque Isle in northern Maine.

Patty Wight / MPBN

LEWISTON, Maine - Maine hospitals are seeing bad debt and charity care costs skyrocket. It comes at a time when individuals have more options to get health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Because income taxes in Maine are linked to federal tax returns, the Legislature has to decide every year whether to adopt any changes to the federal code that would have an impact here.

WASHINGTON - As expected, Maine's two U.S. Senators were on opposite sides as the U.S. Senate passed a bill approving construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.  Nine Democrats joined 53 Republicans to endorse the measure, despite a presidential veto threat.

PORTLAND, Maine - As public schools in Maine prepare to give a new online standardized test this spring, small - but vocal - groups of parents are moving to prevent their kids from taking the exam.