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Courtesy: American Community Project

AUGUSTA, Maine - It's estimated that in the U.S., one in seven people is "food insecure" - meaning they sometimes eat less, go hungry or eat less nutritious meals because they can't afford to eat better. Almost a third of those people are children.

Charles Beck / MPBN

BUCKSPORT, Maine - The Maine Labor Department, the Maine attorney general and the Steelworkers Union have reached an agreement with Verso Paper officials to pay about 500 laid-off mill employees in Bucksport half of their severance by Jan. 8, and the rest by mid-March.

Tom Porter / MPBN

PORTLAND, Maine - Early next year, Portland city officials plan to undertake regulation of Uber Transportation Services - the controversial ride-share program for smartphone users.

AUGUSTA, Maine - While there are fewer veterans serving in Congress than ever before, they comprise a growing proportion of the Maine House and Senate.

State officials have announced settlement of a lawsuit the state brought against Verso that requires the company pay all severance payments due workers at the closed mill in Bucksport.