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AUGUSTA, Maine — Some members of Maine's business community turned out in opposition today to two proposals aimed at changing laws that govern pay and working conditions. One measure would affect more than 60,000 retail workers in Maine.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Deep in Gov. Paul LePage's budget is a $112 million bond proposal to renovate and even rebuild some state office buildings instead of leasing them. The move has rattled Augusta city officials and some state lawmakers who are worried about the long-term implications.

That's because Maine agencies lease more than a half-million square feet from private Augusta landlords who then assume related maintenance costs.

A 57-year-old yoga instructor from Augusta remains unaccounted for after the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal over the weekend.

Tom Porter / MPBN

CUMBERLAND, Maine — The LePage administration is still refusing to release more than $11 million worth of voter-approved bond money, earmarked for land conservation projects across the state, until lawmakers approve the governor's proposal regarding timber harvesting on state land.

Maine taxpayers will be picking up the tab for some $16 million in payments to out-of-state investors over the next four years, after they took advantage of a state program aimed at creating jobs in economically depressed communities.

The complicated story of how those investors got hold of these payments from a deal involving the now-defunct Great Northern Paper mill in East Millinocket is laid out in a two-part story by Whit Richardson of the Portland Press Herald.