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WASHINGTON — Nearly 40 percent of all the spending on transportation infrastructure in Maine, including roads, bridges and airports, comes from the federal government.

In July Congress extended authorization for transportation programs, but it's scheduled to run out at the end of this month. And there may need to be yet another short-term fix.

Last summer, after the House stood in the way of a three-year spending bill, Congress passed a short-term measure to fund transportation programs through December. The Senate reluctantly went along.

BANGOR, Maine — In recent weeks, Maine's struggling county jails began receiving just over $12 million in financial relief from the state.

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AUGUSTA, Maine — The state's new concealed carry law will not take effect until Oct. 15, but hundreds of Mainers are already preparing for the day by purchasing handguns and holsters and enrolling in firearms safety courses.

AUGUSTA, Maine — The ballot in 2016 could turn out to be one of the busiest ever if new gambling questions are approved by the secretary of state's office.

Two separate efforts are underway to begin the signature gathering process to establish a casino in York County and a racino, or slot machine parlor and harness racing track, somewhere in southern Maine.

Both efforts are designed to compete with a developing gaming industry in Massachusetts.

Greta Rybus

PORTLAND, Maine — Boosting the creative economy may sound like an unusual way to help lift a country out of recession, but that was exactly what President Franklin Roosevelt tried to do 80 years ago.