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Mal Leary / MPBN

WASHINGTON - Second District congressman-elect Bruce Poliquin has been on the run since the day after Election Day, at orientation sessions in Washington that amount to a school for new members of Congress, and interviewing potential staff. But MPBN's Mal Leary did have a chance to talk with him earlier today about his priorities for the new Congress, and his experiences in the last few weeks getting ready to take office Jan. 6.

CAMDEN, Maine - In Camden, the alleged theft of nearly $4 million in donations by the beloved former head of a prominent Mid-coast charity, has left many questions and few answers.

Patty Wight / MPBN

Medical treatment can cure illnesses and save lives. But too much treatment can cause harm, even death.

With up to a foot of snow expected to have fallen across Maine by Thanksgiving day morning, "be careful" is the message to anyone venturing outside.

FBI agents continue to conduct interviews and analyze financial records, as part of a federal investigation into the alleged embezzlement of nearly $4 million from a Camden-based charity. Rusty Brace has admitted stealing the money over the course of his 17 years as president of United Mid-Coast Charities.