Speaking in Maine

Occasional weekdays at 1:00 pm

One of the many public affairs lecture series MPBN Radio presents weekdays at 1:00 pm, Speaking in Maine features diverse speakers recorded in towns and cities throughout the state of Maine. The program is produced by Ed Morin, Gordon Fellis and Jonathan Woodward. The Executive Producer for Speaking in Maine is Charles Beck.

'What's Up With Cuba?'

May 27, 2015

Speaking in Maine takes us next to Northport and the Midcoast Forum on Foreign Relations for a talk on U.S.-Cuba relations.

The speaker is Elaine Diaz, a Cuban blogger, journalist and professor at the University of Havana, where she teaches courses focusing on digital journalism, communication and technology and society.

She has also written about the digital divide for Cuban and international outlets.

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Mid-Coast Forum on Foreign Relations

Speaking in Maine takes us next to Northport and the Mid-Coast Forum on Foreign Relations for a talk by Swithin Munyantwali, executive director and co-founder of the International Law Institute-African Centre for Legal Excellence.

His talk is on the Chinese engagement in Africa and to what extent it constitutes a real partnership.

For more on this talk and the Mid-Coast Forum on Foreign Relations, click here.

ABC News

Speaking in Maine takes us next to Waterville, and Colby College, for a talk by Dan Harris, co-anchor of ABC News Nightline and the weekend edition of Good Morning America. He is also the author of "10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge."

Colby College

Speaking in Maine takes us next to Waterville and Colby College.

Jamille Bigio, former White House director for human rights and gender, reflects on her work to promote equal rights and opportunities for women and LGBT people around the world in "Leaning In from the White House: Promoting Global Women's and LGBT Human Rights."

Yale University/YouTube

Speaking in Maine takes us to the recent 2015 Camden Conference, focusing this year on "Russia Resurgent."

Today features Thomas Graham, from the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University. His topic is "Rethinking U.S.-Russian Relations."

We'll be visiting the 2015 Camden Conference on Russia all this week at 1 p.m. To see all episodes in the series, click here.