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PORTLAND, Maine - A federal judge has dismissed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the Portland International Jetport, by a white, American-born taxicab driver.

Paul McDonough claimed he was being discriminated against by being denied one of 43 permits to work as part of the Jetport's taxi pool.

All of those permits are held by Somali or Iranian immigrants - in his suit, McDonough said the system has created a -quote- "racial monopoly."

Hidden U.S. History

18 hours ago

In advance of the July 4th holiday weekend - Ken Davis, author of the ‘Don’t Know Much About History’ books, joins Julie Fenster, author of ‘Jefferson’s America – The President, The Purchase, and the Explorers How Transformed a Nation,’ to discuss American history you may not know much about. 


More than half the homicides in Maine over the past two years have been linked to domestic violence, according to a report released Thursday.

The Maine Domestic Abuse Homicide Review Panel says that trend has held steady over the past decade. Now Gov. Paul LePage, a survivor of domestic violence, is reiterating his call for increased surveillance of those accused abusers.

Attorney General Janet Mills read the names of the nine children killed in domestic homicides over the past two years.

“Korbyn, Jason, Noah, Lily, Sean, Duwayne, Destiny, Larry, Leo,” Mills read.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Gov. Paul LePage says people accused of committing domestic violence should have to wear an ankle bracelet as a condition of bail.

During a State House press conference held by the Maine Domestic Abuse Review Panel, the governor promised to propose legislation to that effect.

The panel found that nearly half of all the homicides committed in the last 10 years were perpetrated by domestic violence abusers.

"I believe in taking the safe approach because dead people have no rights. They lost 'em. When you kill 'em, it's final," LePage said.

CHINA, Maine - Officials in the Maine town of China have approved plans to build a community solar farm next to state Route 32.

The Morning Sentinel reports that the China planning board on Tuesday approved a plan by New England solar energy company ReVision Energy to build the farm on an uncultivated field.

The company had originally planned for up to 150 panels that would generate 50 kilowatts of energy. But it had asked the board to authorize the project's expansion.

International financial markets, as well as markets here in the states, continue to process last week's economic implications of the Brexit vote.  MPBN's Jennifer Rooks asked Janine Cary, President and State Director of International Trade at the Maine International Trade Center, for her take on events and how they could impact Maine companies...

Living to be 150

Jun 30, 2016

We speak with scientists and researchers about brand new longevity research, and what they are learning about the limits to how long humans can live.


Dr. Steve Austad, University of Alabama-Birmingham, leading researcher on slowing the aging process

Aric Rogers, Ph.D., a scientist who is studying aging at the MDI Biological Laboratory and is the director of the aging course.

Somerset County Emergency Management Agency

BANGOR, Maine - Residents of a small township in northwestern Maine are effectively stranded, after a sizeable downpour flooded roads and closed a bridge on Route 201 in Parlin Township.

PORTLAND, Maine - Portland officials are asking residents to write the headlines for the city's future. They are calling for public participation in building its next comprehensive plan.

The vision for the city's future is re-done every 12 years, under the state's growth management law. The project will include plans for historic resources, natural resources, transportation and the city's economy.

And, as city planner Jeff Levine notes, it will take a look at the hottest issue in the city right now - the housing crunch.

GREENVILLE, Maine - The Maine Warden Service has located a Massachusetts fisherman who had not been seen in a few days.

The service said earlier on Wednesday that it was looking for 68-year-old Donald Jones of Shirley. Jones came to Maine on June 21 for a fishing and camping trip and was expected to return home by Monday at the latest.

New England Cable News reports that Jones has been found safe and is returning home.

FAIRFIELD, Maine - Time Warner Cable has agreed to pay $125,000 to the town of Fairfield to settle a lawsuit brought in response to the cable company's franchise fees.

The Morning Sentinel reports Time Warner will also raise franchise fees paid to the Somerset County town from 5 percent of basic cable TV services to 5 percent of all gross revenue over the next two months.

Current Events

Jun 29, 2016

We discuss current political and economic news in Maine, including Brexit's impact on our economy and international trade, as well as Trump's visit to our state.


Ron Schmidt, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Southern Maine

Kristin Vekasi, Assistant Professor-Political Science and School of Policy & International Affairs

Janine Bisaillon-Cary, President and State Director of International Trade, Maine International Trade Center