Maine news

 PORTLAND, Maine _ Almost 9000 Maine seniors are currently waiting for affordable housing. That's according to data released by the Maine Real Estate Managers Association, the members of which are landlords and property managers, who must often tell seniors that no housing is available.

AUGUSTA, Maine _ More than a month after a bill seeking to adopt the state's expanded mineral mining rules drew significant public testimony, another is on the table this week, but this one seeks to put a halt to the process, essentially sending the Maine Department of Environmental Protection back to the drawing board.

ORONO, Maine _ More than half of Mainers surveyed say they would be willing to pay extra in their electricity bills to support more efficient and/or cleaner fuel development.

BOSTON (AP) _ New England's epic winter is on pace to produce a corresponding number of insurance claims.

    AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) _ Schools will have to hold lockdown drills under a new Maine law.