Maine news

BATH, Maine (AP) _ A Navy admiral wants to put an electric-powered gun that fires projectiles at hypersonic speeds on one of the Zumwalt-class destroyers that's being built at Bath Iron Works.

 PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is advising New Englanders to stay away from seal pups and their mothers if they encounter the animals at the beach.

 AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) _ Maine agriculture officials are offering scholarship grants to students pursuing an education in farming and other fields involving natural resources.

Irwin Gratz / MPBN

PORTLAND, Maine - Most of us like to think we're connected to some group of people who will miss us if we're gone.  Maybe that's why the story of Lucie McNulty seems so disturbing. Lucie was the woman who died in her mobile home in Wells, a fact that wasn't discovered until last month, an estimated two-and-a-half years after she died.

HOLYOKE, Mass. (AP) _ The region's electric grid operator says New England should have sufficient energy to meet demand in 2019 and 2020.