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PORTLAND, Maine - Maine's transportation grid is returning to normal as flights resume at the state's airports and snow plowing continues on its major roads.

LYNDONVILLE, Vt. - Students at a Vermont high school have recovered in the state of Maine two balloons launched from their Lyndonville campus, one of which rose to almost 90,0000 feet before falling back to earth.

The first balloon launched as part of the Lyndon Institute's Space Balloon Project was launched on Jan. 15. It carried a payload that included a GPS tracker, a camera, and a transponder to locate the balloon.

The second balloon was launched Jan. 22.

HARTFORD, Conn. - Amtrak says limited service is resuming between New York and Albany, New York, as storm conditions ease.

Amtrak said Tuesday that service between New York and Chicago will operate, but connecting service to and from Boston remains suspended.

Rail service is operating on a reduced schedule between New York and Washington, while it remains suspended between New York and Boston.

Also suspended is service between Brunswick, Maine, and Boston; Washington and St. Albans, Vermont; and the Springfield line between New Haven and Springfield, Massachusetts.

WASHINGTON - Dr. Betsy Webb, superintendent of the Bangor School Department, told the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions that the current definition of full-time employment in the Affordable Care Act is unworkable, and will add unneeded costs to hard pressed school budgets.

Sen. Susan Collins, who supports defining full-time as at least 40 hours a week rather than the current 30 hours a week, questioned Webb about the impact.

"Is asking for a huge budget increase a viable option for you and most superintendents?" Collins asked Webb.

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PORTLAND, Maine - Hundreds are gathering at events in Maine today to honor the legacy of slain civil rights leader, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.