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WASHINGTON - Maine's U.S. senators - Republican Susan Collins and independent Angus King - say the U.S. Department of Transportation's new rules for rail transportation of oil are a step in the right direction.

Both Collins and King have pressed for higher safety standards. Sen. King says there's still much more to do.

"I welcome the administration's new rule as a positive step toward enhancing rail safety, and safeguarding communities in Maine and throughout the nation," he says. "But I do intend to stay on this issue until it's fully resolved."

Colby College

Speaking in Maine takes us next to Waterville and Colby College.

Jamille Bigio, former White House director for human rights and gender, reflects on her work to promote equal rights and opportunities for women and LGBT people around the world in "Leaning In from the White House: Promoting Global Women's and LGBT Human Rights."

WASHINGTON - Maine Sen. Susan Collins was the lead of witness as the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings on re-authorizing legislation aimed at curbing human trafficking of young Americans.

Collins said too many have turned to prostitution.

"Homeless youth need access to safe beds at night and services during the day, so that they never have to choose between selling their bodies and a safe place to sleep," she said.

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WASHINGTON - Census figures show that Maine has the oldest population in the nation. Now, the state's small business owners are taking a close look at a proposal, introduced recently by Maine Sen. Susan Collins, that's designed to encourage more small employers to offer retirement plans to their workers.

Talking on the Senate floor last month, Collins said her work with the Special Committee on Aging had brought some worrying facts to light. "Far too many American seniors have real reason to fear that they will outlive their savings," Collins said.

WASHINGTON - Enrollment numbers for the 2015 health insurance Marketplace are in. More than 74,000 Mainers signed up. That's compared to more than 44,000 Mainers last year.