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WASHINGTON - Maine Sen. Angus King is calling on Congress to take action to deal with cybersecurity threats against the U.S.  Speaking on the Senate floor Thursday, King, an independent, said the threat of cyber attacks is heading toward the U.S. like a freight train.

King said the frequency and scope of Internet attacks have increased, but Congress isn't doing much to deal with the issue.

By David Sharp, The Associated Press

PORTLAND, Maine - A court filing in Canada is the first step toward implementing a settlement fund for victims of an oil train disaster that killed 47 people.

Officials filed a motion Friday to extend a deadline to implement the settlement in the Canadian case, which could result in a larger settlement. The filing also provided details on how the money could be distributed.

By David Sharp, The Associated Press

PORTLAND, Maine - A proposed settlement fund to compensate victims of a fiery train derailment that claimed 47 lives in Canada is due to be filed next month with more than $200 million in commitments.

The trustee for the railroad that went bankrupt after the disaster tells The Associated Press his goal is to more than double the sum - reaching about $500 million - by the time judges in the U.S. and Canada sign off.

Tom Porter / MPBN

PORTLAND, Maine - The Sony-North Korea hacking scandal has prompted many private companies across the globe to ask themselves the following question: "How vulnerable am I to a cyber attack?"

Mainers who've pushed for ending the United States trade embargo against Cuba are praising President Obama's move to re-establish diplomatic relations with the island nation.