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A.J. Higgins / MPBN

AUGUSTA, Maine - On the Maine Legislature's opening day, partisan lines were drawn in the Republican-led Senate, which rejected a demand from Democrats that would have effectively left the voters of southern Maine's District 25 without a state senator.

Courtesy Maine Democratic Party

In an election cycle that saw Republicans post significant gains at the expense of Maine Democrats, some pundits have concluded that it's time for the state's progressives to move to the center. But Maine Democrats are doubling down, retaining progressive leaders in the House and Senate. And the party's new choice for state chair continues a liberal ideological preference.


AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine's secretary of state says Republican Sen. Michael Thibodeau is officially the winner of the close race for the Waldo County state Senate seat.

Matthew Dunlap's office said Friday that the recount showed Thibodeau beat Democrat Michael Jonathan Fulford by 135 votes.

Recounts are set next week for Senate Districts 21 and 25.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine officials will do recounts in three tight races for spots in the state Senate.

The Maine secretary of state's office says that a recount has been requested in the race for Senate District 11, where Democrat Jonathan Fulford challenged incumbent Senate Republican Leader Michael Thibodeau. Unofficial results show Thibodeau winning by 115 votes.

A recount will also be done for Senate District 21. Unofficial results show Democrat Nathan Libby defeating Republican Patricia Gagne by 64 votes.

A.J. Higgins / MPBN

For the first time in 20 years, the two houses of the Maine Legislature will be under the control of different parties. Pending recounts, Republicans have captured 20 of the Maine Senate's 35 seats. Over in the House, meanwhile - despite some Republican gains - Democrats appear to have maintained a majority, with 79 seats. The dynamics of this divided Legislature could potentially result in an usually productive session.